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You’ve Signed Up for A Trip – Now What?

Once you have registered for a trip, create your new MyTour Portal account.

NOTICE: Family members desiring to use a single email address for their portal account are welcome to do so by choosing “Manage Multiple Participants” when creating their MyTour Portal account. Please be aware that the MyTourFund fundraising application is not available for multiple participant accounts at this time, so if you plan to use this tool please create a separate portal account for each child.

Obtaining your Participant ID Upon processing your registration, participants may enroll in MyTour Portal. If you just registered online or via mail, you will be mailed your Participant ID along with your partial payments, in order to access your online account. This may take 7-10 business days. For a quicker response, you may also contact customer service during our normal business hours at 866-543-9625 or email at info@sta-mail.com

Exciting new features of your MyTour Portal account:

Tour Directors

  • Customize your promotional tour website
  • View registrants, post and email tour announcements,
  • Create rooming assignments
  • Tour resources and forms.


  • Customize a “MyTourFund” site to pay for your trip through the power of social media fundraising!
  • View your payment details and balance
  • Read important tour details including the itinerary, calendar deadlines, flight, hotel and other important announcements
  • Important tour forms and resources to help you prepare!